Structure of National Authority

BNACWC is a national body. It composed of a total of 18 members including Chairman. The Principal Staff Officer (PSO) of the Armed Forces Division (AFD) is the Chairman of BNACWC. He is Lieutenant General of Bangladesh Army. One Director General of AFD works as the member secretary of the BNACWC. Other 16 members are from eight ministries, three military services and other five Chemistry, Commerce and Customs related Organizations. The status of all members is the minimum Joint Secretary and equivalent level.

chemical weapons


Function of the National Authority:  

The functions of the National Authority under the Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act-2006 shall be as follows:

  1. (a)   To keep all kinds of liaison under this Convention for the purpose of this Act;
  2. (b)   To ensure proper implementation of this Act;
  3. (c)   To perform duties applicable on the part of Bangladesh under this Convention;
  4. (d)   To take measures for inspection in any facility and place in Bangladesh according to the Verification Annex;
  5. (e)   To arrange training, for the officers and employees including other concerned officers and employees for the purpose of carrying out the functions of the Authority efficiently;
  6. (f)    To arrange and administer national and international seminar, symposium, conference and work-shop with a view to create awareness among the people;
  7. (g)   To take necessary measures for protection of sensitive establishment not related with the Convention;
  8. (h)   To carry out other obligations under the Convention;
  9. (i)    To advise the Government to nominate permanent representative of Bangladesh in the Head Quarter of the Organization;
  10. (j)    To do all such acts and things incidental to any of the aforesaid functions.

The Power of the National Authority to issue direction:

  1. Subject to the provisions of the Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act-2006 and the rules made there under, National Authority may, for carrying out its functions, issue written direction to any person.
  2. Any person being directed under this section shall be bound to carry out such direction.
  3. The National Authority may in its order issued under this section fix the time for carrying out the relevant works.