BNACWC has been formed to implement the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). CWC, which is the international binding regulations for the prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of Chemical Weapons and on their destruction, was opened for signing at Paris on 13 January 1993. Bangladesh signed CWC a day letter, 14th January 1993. BNACWC was established (adhoc basis) under Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Till 1997, Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the focal point for CWC issues. However, considering the effectiveness Bangladesh Government gave the responsibility for organizing and executing BNACWC affairs to Armed Forces Division of Prime Minister’s Office in December 1997. Slowly and gradually, BNACWC flourished in its role and activities. After a few year’s deliberate work, BNACWC finally received its first and deliberate national legislation “Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act – 2006”. BNACWC has got a new structure and its roles and responsibilities well-orchestrated through this act. An executive cell has been formed in AFD to coordinate and execute the decision of BNACWC. In 2010, second legislation on CWC “Enrollment Act-2010” was promulgated to ensure more accountability. In the process, “Import policy order” concerning the shipment of schedule chemicals also came into being.

BNACWC is now designing, planning and executing various programs to keep Bangladesh free of Chemical Weapons and the threat of their use. It also promotes the best practices to grow a sustainable chemical safety and security culture in the country.