Hand-held Detectors in Field Use

chemical weapons

First Defender™ RM

chemical weapons




  • Provides a rapid identification of chemicals, explosives and narcotics
  • Has built-in library
  • In 10 seconds, it can identify unknown substance (solid, liquid or powder)
  • Operating temperature:  -20 <> +40° C
  • Battery: Disposable batteries


Tru Defender

chemical weapons




  • Can identify an even broader range of unknown chemicals
  • Has a built-in library
  • Has a self-contained anvil sampling head
  • Operating temperature:  -20 <> +40° C
  • Battery: Disposable batteries



chemical weapons



  • Portable chemical contamination control device used to detect chemical agents which can simultaneously in measure G and H mode
  • Operating temperature:   -39 <> 50° C
  • Battery:  Lithium battery
  • Dangerous Goods:  Hydrogen cylinder (UN1049)  and Lithium batteries (UN3090)


LCD 3.3

chemical weapons




  • Combined CWA and TICs detection library
  • Uses advanced, non-radioactive IMS technology
  • Used to detect chemical substances in the air and identifies specific  agent name and concentration
  • Operating temperature:   -25 <> 55° C
  • Battery:  AA Battery for up to 75 hours


Liquid Agent Indicator Paper

  • Gives distinct colour indication of chemical warfare agent (CWA) collected as droplets


chemical weapons chemical weapons chemical weapons


Sampling Kit

  • A self contained sampling kit for solid, liquid and gas sample
  • All the containers are sterilized
  • Contains other tools to collect samples

chemical weapons chemical weapons