Chapter 3


10. Enrollment.—(1) Every person engaged in the production, processing, acquisition, use, transfer, import or export ofscheduled chemicals or engaged in the production of any discrete organic chemical including discrete organic chemicals containing elements of phosphorous, sulpher or fluorine shall, within the time specified by the National Authority after the commencement of the Act, be enrolled with the National Authority as a producer, processor, aquiser, user, transferor, importer or exporter of any scheduled chemical or, as the case may be, as a producer of any discrete organic chemicals containing phosphorous, sulpher or fluorine.

  • (2)For the purpose of enrollment undersub-section (1), application shall be made to the National Authority and if any application is filed in accordance with the provisions of thissection the National Authority, after considering the application, shall grant an enrollment certificate as may be prescribed by rules within 60 (sixty) days from the date of receipt ofthe application.
  • (3)For the purpose of issuance or renewal of the enrollment certificate under this section, the applicant shall use such revenue stamp as may be prescribed by the government, and the period, the reasons for renewal and the conditions applicable for the enrollmentshall be specified in every such certificate.
  • (4)Every application shall be filed to the National Authority in such form and manner as may be prescribed by rules.
  • (5)National Authority shall preserve the printed copy of enrollment certificate issued by it.

11. Renewal of enrollment and correction of the conditions.—(1) The enrollment certificate issued under this Act, shall be renewed in such manner as may be prescribed by rules, and adequate revenue stamp shall be used in respect thereof.

  • (2) For the purpose of this Act, the National Authority may, according to the Act or rules, amend any condition of the enrollment certificate issued under it, but no condition can be amended under this section without giving notice of minimum 30 (thirty) days to the applicant.